How to Choose a Great Barber!

Relying on online reviews is one way to choose a decent barber, but if you're a little more discerning and want more than just "decent", follow these top three tips from GRAMERCY BEST BARBERS to choose a GREAT barber you'll be happy to patronize for all your grooming needs.

They're Attentive:

  • An experienced barber pays attention to details, and knows that listening to their client is key to providing perfect results. Good barbers will always ask you what you want, listen attentively to your response, and visually inspect your hair growth pattern, your face shape and other factors to suggest cuts you may not have even considered, to give you the best look.

They're Proud of Their Shop

  • Cleanliness is important in the service industry, more so in the area of personal grooming services. You want to patronize a shop where the crew cleans surfaces and sweeps floors constantly, disinfects and sharpens barber tools regularly, and puts thought in to the atmosphere to make you as comfortable as possible. Avoid any shops that work with dull, worn out blades, dirty towels and hair-laden floors. if they don't apy attention to their appearance, they won't pay attention to yours.

They Provide Great Service

  • Today's barber shops are super-competitive and offer an array of perks like loyalty cards, libations, and a great vibe to attract your business. Besides being happy with the results of your haircut or beard trim, you should expect your shop to offer the extras, like cocktails, discounts, loyalty programs, and a long list of grooming services that go beyond the standard haircut or trim. Facials, straight shaves, hair coloring, manicures, eyebrow shaping and even ear-hair trims indicate that your barber and his shop strive to provide great service for their clients.

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